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Many businesses rely on a security guards to watch their property to look for any suspicious activity. We will secure your equipment or other property from theft and vandalism. And we will prevent unauthorized access to your site, and maintain fire watches. Your company will be designated as an ‘Additional Insured’ under our comprehensive Liability Insurance Policy.

We make it easy for you to arrange for our service, whether you have one site or multiple sites in different geographic areas. We have a Security Coordinator who will be your single point of contact for all your security needs. Our dedicated Security Coordinator will handle everything. 

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Airborne Security is a sought-after security company in Columbus, Georgia and the surrounding areas. Boasting more than 75 years in experience in private security, military, and law enforcement training, we provide our clients with the kind of protection they need.

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We have experienced security guards working day in and day out on helping our clients keep their properties safe and secured. Find out how our services can help you get the peace of  at the highest.